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Launch of NexuWeb Inc.

Finally, here we are. After many years of academic studies, with our engineering and management degrees in hand, we are about to start our life journey. It is an odd sensation, hard to believe that all these years of experience would lead to this. The possibility of putting your complete knowledge base into one venue to begin a start-up business is, by far, the ultimate challenge.

Creating your own enterprise is probably the most elaborate form of today’s last great big adventure.

People may ask “why the follow the road less travelled”? A road filled with doubts and obstacles while our University studies could have opened doors to jobs. It is difficult, in this moment, to foresee what our enterprise will be in the next few years. Faced with this uncertainty, we decided to dedicate ourselves to our real mission: Earn a living with our knowledge and skillset.

Where most people wish to “build their career”, we have the ambition to “create our career”. Switching from one job to another is like a tenant moving from one apartment to another. By analogy, creating your own enterprise leads you to become the owner of your career with its responsibilities and advantages.

Through this blog, we will share with you our new start-up experience and our eventual strategic choices during the development of our business. We will use this space as social medium to communicate our IT business vision which will explain some of the technical concepts we will use to meet our needs.

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