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the use of the most common family names in e-commerce frauds

Fun With Frauds #2 : the use of the most common family names in e-commerce frauds

Fun facts about e-commerce frauds

The title “Fun With Frauds” refers to a running gag in the american sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon Cooper films himself trying to present a chronicle on his Youtube channel: “Fun With Flags”. His show’s trading details he considers funny about a subject that is not really: flags. In the same spirit, I use this chronicle to try to answer the “funny” questions about frauds. These observations and analyzes are based on discussions with our customers using our solution NexuWeb E-commerce Anti-Fraud.

What are the names fraudsters?

The identity of the recipient of an order is verified in some cases as a relay point delivery. In other cases, this information is almost anecdotal in the delivery process and the identity of the person will not be verified. The information of an order, which may seem anecdotal in the buying process as the case for example, are a mine of information to assess fraud. In this number #2 of the series Fun With Frauds , we try to measure the frequency of appearance of the names of the families most used in France in the subpopulation of regular customers and fraudsters.

Methodology used

We based on the 20 most popular french family names in a INSEE study Martin, Bernard, Thomas, Petit, Robert, Richard Durand, Dubois, Moreau, Laurent Simon, Michel Lefebvre, Leroy, Roux, David Bertrand Morel, Fournier, Girard. We then measured the frequency of occurrence of these family names in our two subpopulations of regular customers and fraudsters.

French fraudsters are all named Martin

Here the frequency of use of the 20 most common family names in France:

  • legitimate orders: 2.3%
  • e-commerce frauds: 2.9%

Thus, the 20 family names common in France used 25% more often in e-commerce fraud.

The Martins are still good people

To avoid make enemies among Martin, Bernard and Thomas, I said that our results do not mean that there are more fraudsters who are named Martin but rather that these family names, widespread in France, are more used by fraudsters. They seek to disguise their crimes as legitimate orders. A fraudster who does not wish to give his real name will naturally draw in the most widespread.

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