E-commerce Protection with dedicated support

Protect your business

The E-Commerce Protection service allows you to monitor, protect and respond to possible threats on your E-Commerce infrastructure.

NexuWeb E-Commerce Protection

Our team of Engineers will assist you in solving technical problems. Our E-Commerce Protection Service allows you to:

  • Monitor your marketing e-commerce infrastructure,
  • Respond automatically to attacks,
  • Benefit from our Gold Level Support,
  • Receive a monthly report on the security of your infrastructure.

starting from 99$/month


Annual number of incidents

Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR)

Average daily turnover

Gain of /month


Our E-Commerce Protection service provides monitoring to different overviews to abstraction layers of your infrastructure:

  • The status of your physical resources,
  • The status of your services,
  • The activity of your applications.

The Mean Time To Restore (MTTR) is the time it takes for your services to be restored back to a normal state. It takes into account the time of detection and repair. The Protection service significantly reduces your MTTR by detecting any malfunctions in your infrastructure before a disaster strikes.

Automated Response

Our E-Commerce Protection service uses both SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) technologies to correlate your application’s logs and to detect threatening events. The SIEM has the intelligence to understand security issues as a whole and not just as an isolated event.

The SIEM of our Protection service can detect an intrusion on your mail services (IMAP) and remote access login (SSH). It will calculate and correlate information in its engine and take all measures to block all access to the attacker.


Our team consists of Security Engineers ready to respond to your issues. This rapid action team will guarantee a quick response to an incident or disaster on your infrastructure.
Our Gold Support, included with E-Commerce Protection, allows you to contact the NexuWeb team:

  • All Weekdays between 8:00 – 20:00 (UTC-5),
  • With a response time of 1 hour after the incident guaranteed,
  • By phone and email.


Each month, a report will show you the overview of threats to your E-Commerce. This report can also be used as a tool for you to measure the load on your infrastructure. This in turn will allow you to manage and predict any changes required.

Analyze and correlate traffic spikes on your E-Commerce with the Safety security Reportreport. Anticipate possible limitations to avoid technical problems in the future.