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E-commerce dashboard in Beta version

After several months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of our E-Commerce Dashboard in Beta version.  This service allows an E-Commerce owner to have an overview of the current state of their E-Commerce and make rational and reflective decisions.  In the end, we have developed a modular dashboard adapted to the specificities of electronic commerce.

Relevant indicators provide visibility into the performance of the business and enable decision-makers to act accordingly to achieve the desired results.

E-Commerce has the ability to establish a direct causality between the business and technology.  Thus, protecting an E-Commerce infrastructure directly impacts the volume of business generated.
For example, the accessibility of an e-commerce affects the sales. Therefore, the immediate consequence of a technical problem requires the E-Retailers to be as quickly responsive as possible.

To remedy this problem, we have created a real-time dashboard developed for E-Commerce companies. The indicators on this dashboard cover all the dimensions specific to E-Commerce.  This allows the user to see the chain of value in its entirety. The decision-maker can observe the effectiveness of their decisions on its business in real-time. This dashboard, which provides an overview, is composed of infrastructure indicators, security and analytics.  This unified view allows the decision-maker to keep a close eye on his business.

In addition, the dashboard fits on all device types and it particularly offers an optimized view for a full HDTV display (1920 x 1080).

For more information, please visit our dedicated page.

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