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E-commerce Anti-Fraud NexuWeb Solution

E-commerce Anti-Fraud by NexuWeb

For several months, we have been developing a new NexuWeb offer. We combined our knowledge in security, development and e-commerce to create an E-commerce Anti-Fraud solution.

Our system has mechanisms  to control incoming orders. The controls are performed on the client’s identity, payment method, order history, products and geographical position.
The data are processed by algorithms to determine customer behavior and the risk of fraud associated with the order. Ultimately, the goal is to help the e-retailer decide if he should cancel or confirm the order. If the e-retailer has doubt, he could ask identity proofs to his customer.

While many solutions to fight against fraud are mainly for large companies, we directed our offer to small and medium e-commerces. Today, you can have free access to our solution and install it in a few clicks on an e-commerce using PrestaShop.

In the long run, our Anti-Fraud E-commerce offer will remain free for e-businesses that generate few orders or a small turnover. For others, the offer will be charged but it will easily pay for itself after just a few detections of fraud. The implementation of security solutions to fight against the fraudsters is part of the e-retailer responsibilities.

PayPal states :

As an online merchant, you are liable for every payment you receive. […] In the online world, merchants are responsible for all chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. That means proper security is your responsibility, not the bank’s.

In the coming months, we will continue to develop our offer to make it available on the following markeplaces: PrestaShop, Magento and Shopify.
We encourage you to visit our website NexuWeb E-commerce Anti-Fraud to download the PrestaShop module.

E-commerce Anti-Fraud NexuWeb Website

Learn more about E-commerce Anti-Fraud

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