E-commerce Anti-Fraud And Fraud Detection

Say NO to fraud !

Be more efficient in the fraud detection on your e-commerce.

Service E-commerce Anti-Fraud | Fraud Detection

NexuWeb E-commerce Anti-Fraud solution has been designed to detect fradulent transactions on your e-commerce. Our service allows you to:

  • Reduce impact caused by fraud on your e-commerce
  • Reduce time spent to analyze and detect fraudulent transactions

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Benefits of having our e-commerce anti-fraud system

Fraud on internet is developing fast and fraudsters are becoming more and more trained. Fraud rate has increased threefold during the last 5 years. In addition, the risk could increase exponentially when a fraudster has successfully completed and received an order from your e-commerce. In that case, the fraudster is aware of your vulnerability and will most likely try to order illegally again.

Our e-commerce anti-fraud system could help you to avoid several issues, circumstantial or not:

  • Financial loss that impacts directly your benefits
  • Legal proceedings from authorities due to a suspicious number of frauds
  • Tarnishing collaboration with your payment gateway that could lead to increase of fees or contract ending
  • Loss of trust in your customers

Shared fraud database

Each transaction reported as fraudulent is stored and hashed in our infrastructure in order to build a blacklist while maintaining customer data confidentiality.

When order’s parameters are found in the blacklist, then the order is immediately detected as a fraud. The shared fraud database allows NexuWeb E-commerce Anti-Fraud solution to become more effective with time.

E-commerce Anti-Fraud Service | Shared Fraud Database
E-commerce Anti-Fraud Service | Fraud Prevention

Score for each transaction

The high number of data generated from an order on your e-commerce allows our system to evaluate the risk in the form of a score. This score is coming along with recommendations facilitating your order management and save you time.

Thus, the e-commerce anti-fraud system will advise you to:

  • Confirm order
  • Cancel order
  • Check manually order

More details are available to let you do your own investigation.

Quick and easy integration

Our anti-fraud service has been designed to be integrated easily and quickly with only few efforts. If you use an e-commerce framework supported by our system, you will be able to install it in a couple of minutes.

<p style="text-align: justify"Otherwise, each module that we provide have been built to be seamlessly and efficiently integrated in your order workflow. Therefore, you may discover immediately our anti-fraude solution without any technical or financial commitment.

E-commerce Anti-Fraud Service | Fraud Prevention
E-commerce Anti-Fraud Service | Fraud Detection

Fraud Risk Assessment

When a transaction happened, your e-commerce produces a huge amount of data related to the transaction but also many contextual elements.

Our anti-fraud service performs a series of different controls so as to assess at best the fraud risk:

  • Contextual controls : customer, products, order, connection
  • Behavior controls : seniority, loyalty, consumption pattern, action before purchase
  • Payment controls : payment issuer country, credit card type, bank, payment method